Youngest is testing…..


After a quick chat with Louis’s teacher we have found that his irrational behavior is not just an “at home” exclusive .

We have experienced giggling highs followed by whinging and crying low’s within minutes of each other.

Trying to pin point the reasons behind these crazy mad swings is becoming a challenge in itself. Our youngest born is a feisty munchkin, very head strong and thinks he knows best.

I have had to stop  taking him out to the shops as it seems I am constantly having to call for him as he vanishes around yet another corner .  If I was a fit and healthy 36 year old I could keep up but chasing after him when your in pain is no fun at all!!

So how do I deal with this situation, we have a crazy 4 year old who constantly runs, does not listen when you tell him no but is super quick to apologize once the punishments come into play?


2 thoughts on “Youngest is testing…..

  1. Jamie

    Some form of autism perhaps? It’s still largely not fully understood. Also have you considered learning to write computer code? As my wife is soon going to have to give up physical work we are moving to change the direction of our company.


    1. no Autism I don’t think Jamie, I have read that the youngest is normally the most unruly. He is very strong willed and thinks he is above the law!! I have thought about it, with this disability going the way it is anything i can do from home to earn extra cash is a bonus


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