The Technology debate rumbles on……


At least once a month my eldest ends up on a full technology ban for being a cheeky scamp. My wife and I had agreed that we need to restrict the time he spends in front of a screen as it seems to be all he wants to do.

We seem to be continuously pushing for him to actually socialise with friends that live locally and all we get in return is a barrage of reasons why he cant .

Every conversation we have had lately gets referred back to video games in one way or another, whilst I try and show an interest in what Tyler is doing it saddens me to think that the majority of his life consists of sitting in his room.

Tyler actually went out and hung out with the other kids that play on the field down the end of the close and I had to go call him in as it was getting late. So that is proof right there that he is capable of socialising .

Growing up in Milton Keynes I found myself in a very privileged situation, living in a Cul-de-sac with loads of kids of all ages. It didn’t bother me if the younger kids wanted to play, we would play 40/40 in and run outs for hours. Bike rides exploring and finding new places was a personal favourite of mine.  Because Milton Keynes had a great mix of older estates and New developments there would always be somewhere new to check out.

My closest friend lived 6 doors away and we are still best buddies now (we were best men at each others weddings)

It makes me feel sad that my son will not have these experiences, you cant get this time back and to waste it in the manner he is.

So what to do, I understand that kids of today are different and technology plays a big part in their day to day lives but surely there should be more to life than that?

Would love to hear all your views, Its great to hear different opinions on a subject that will no doubt rumble on and on


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