Scourge of the Summer Holidays

Its been a while since my last post, and a lot has happened here at Evans HQ. The Summer holidays are in full swing , and as yet we have done bugger all. Thanks to a nasty virus that is doing the rounds the 2 tiddlers have been coughing, spluttering and quite frankly been gross for nearly two weeks.

Luckily my eldest managed to escape for the worst of it, hitching a ride with his Auntie and Uncle to Cornwall to do a bit of surfing. To say I was jealous was an understatement!!

On the subject of my back….. I finally have a pre-operation date woohoo . I have to wait until the end of September for that. The Cortisone injection I had on the nerve earlier in the year has well and truly worn off and am now left with the constant pins and needles again . The concoction of Morphine, Tramadol , Diazepam and Naproxen helps to a degree but at its worst I may as well not bother. Early mornings are on the gender once again, having to get up because i cant lay comfortably in bed at night means the sofa is my new best friend. Thank you DFS for making good quality furniture!!

Being up before the mob does have its advantages, its so quiet and I get to catch up on shows that I cant watch through the day. Really enjoying I-Zombie at the moment which is a nice break from Dora and Blues Clues that seem to be on repeat.

Hopefully the boys will be OK so we can actually get them out and about next week. Milton Keynes has so much outdoor space and the local councils always arrange great activities to do which are free to attend and are great fun.


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