Bad Week

The summer holidays are in full swing but I can honestly say I feel for my kiddies this year. My back is gradually getting worse and I have been unable to drive for the past week.

We managed a trip to see the minions Movie last friday (thanks Groupon) but that has been the only activity we have managed to fit in.  As lavish as the new Odeon at MK1 is the seats are still blimin uncomfortable, add that to lower back pain and painful shooting pains down the leg. The end result is an hour and a half of shuffling, fidgeting and constant tapping of the foot , my only saving grace is that the movie was only 90 mins rather than an Avatar bum numbing 180.

The date for my pre-op assessment moves ever closer and I have never been more excited to be cut open in my life. the prospect of being pain free and being able to live a relatively normal life is very exciting.

I miss being able to push my kids on a swing, walking round the supermarket and doing normal every day things.


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