Autumn Is In Full Swing

So here we are again, Autumn is here and the tree’s are shedding their leaves and the mornings are foggy and nippy.

Its been a long while since my last post and a lot has been happening.  The gremlins are all back at school , 2 out of 3 are settled and doing well. The tiddler is having a tough time but will go into more detail on my next post.

In the last four years I have had 3 disectomies on my lower spine and I am waiting for a 4th. This 4th operation is taking a long time to get sorted , I think the English national health is great but it does seem to be under a massive strain and getting any operation sorted does take its time. This could be normal for Oxford, I was looked after 3 times at Milton Keynes general but with no success. I was hoping a fresh pair of eyes would spot an issue my previous doctor missed.

My sciatic nerve is scarred so I get severe leg spasms when the area surrounding the nerve becomes inflamed and is very painful.

Like most people who live with these kind of conditions I have good and bad days, the weather tends to play a big part on how much I suffer. Rain , cold and damp days play havoc.

I am hoping the surgery will make a significant improvement to my condition so I can get back into work and be “normal” again


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