Competition overload……

Some of you may have noticed that I like a competition or two. My wife Hayley is to blame for this addiction!!

Hayley started almost two years ago and prizes were coming in on a regular basis and I thought “I will try my luck”. Not being able to work gives me lots of free time and living off benefits means we have had to tighten the purse strings so no more treats . Its been a very useful resource , helping us to get items that because of our current situation was just not possible.

Its a great hobby, not only do you win great things but I have found it to be a very sociable activity and the “comping community” are a friendly bunch who share a lot of competitions between each other.

So I apoligise in advance for these next few months, the run up to Christmas means a massive influx of competitions and I will be trying my best to enter as many as possible.

If you want to join in here are a few sites i would recommend to check out:

Drop me a message if anyone wins, or if you have won in the past


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