Half Term………..DONE!!

And Breathe….

Kids are back to school, I for one and a happy chap about that. struck down with a viral infection on the second day of the holidays so that was me done for the week. Luckily my wife was on hand to get the boys out and about for a few activities.

As the winter closes in the choice of activities you can do with the gremlins gets smaller and smaller. Those of you who know Milton Keynes will know that there is plenty of places to go and visit that are great for the kids and are outdoors. Unfortunately they involve a lot of walking which currently I am struggling to do.

Safari MK is my go to place when the weathers naff and the kids are at loose ends.

£7.95 for the kiddies and £1.50 for the adults gets you in , the kids go go run and play in a safe  and secure environment whilst you relax with a coffee from the excellent cafe.

The staff are friendly and are always on hand to help if there are any bumps or knocks.

I was really disappointed when kids play closed a few years ago but this new soft play park is just as good.

I would recommend bringing some wet wipes as my kids always turn into sweaty beasts from all the running around, and on busy days some ear defenders as it gets really noisy.

If anyone has any recommendations for places to go in and around Milton Keynes on a rainy day please let me know



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