2016, Onward and Upwards

Happy new year to all my readers

Apologies for the radio silence, My surgery before Christmas went well with no complications. Did it make a massive difference? No, unfortunately  it hasn’t.

Initial signs were good, the spasms had eased and It felt like there was an improvement.

But as time has progressed the old symptoms have slowly started to creep back, leg spasms and burning muscles are very regular.

It was worth a try, My doctor said that at best It could ease the pain by 60% or at worst it would make things worse. After 4 years of going through this pain I was willing to try anything.

I think anymore surgery is a no go, Its time to try and focus on weight management and building my core muscles, carrying this extra timber is just causing more back pain (thanks Christmas!!).

Now the boys are all at school full time my wife and I are trying to sit down and re-evaluate “life” . What do we do? Can we afford to do it?

So many things need sorting , We want a better life for our kids. But with my wife and her MS and me with degenerative disc disease we have a massive challenge ahead.

2016 needs to be the year of change….


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