Autumn Is In Full Swing

So here we are again, Autumn is here and the tree’s are shedding their leaves and the mornings are foggy and nippy.

Its been a long while since my last post and a lot has been happening.  The gremlins are all back at school , 2 out of 3 are settled and doing well. The tiddler is having a tough time but will go into more detail on my next post.

In the last four years I have had 3 disectomies on my lower spine and I am waiting for a 4th. This 4th operation is taking a long time to get sorted , I think the English national health is great but it does seem to be under a massive strain and getting any operation sorted does take its time. This could be normal for Oxford, I was looked after 3 times at Milton Keynes general but with no success. I was hoping a fresh pair of eyes would spot an issue my previous doctor missed.

My sciatic nerve is scarred so I get severe leg spasms when the area surrounding the nerve becomes inflamed and is very painful.

Like most people who live with these kind of conditions I have good and bad days, the weather tends to play a big part on how much I suffer. Rain , cold and damp days play havoc.

I am hoping the surgery will make a significant improvement to my condition so I can get back into work and be “normal” again


Bad Week

The summer holidays are in full swing but I can honestly say I feel for my kiddies this year. My back is gradually getting worse and I have been unable to drive for the past week.

We managed a trip to see the minions Movie last friday (thanks Groupon) but that has been the only activity we have managed to fit in.  As lavish as the new Odeon at MK1 is the seats are still blimin uncomfortable, add that to lower back pain and painful shooting pains down the leg. The end result is an hour and a half of shuffling, fidgeting and constant tapping of the foot , my only saving grace is that the movie was only 90 mins rather than an Avatar bum numbing 180.

The date for my pre-op assessment moves ever closer and I have never been more excited to be cut open in my life. the prospect of being pain free and being able to live a relatively normal life is very exciting.

I miss being able to push my kids on a swing, walking round the supermarket and doing normal every day things.

Scourge of the Summer Holidays

Its been a while since my last post, and a lot has happened here at Evans HQ. The Summer holidays are in full swing , and as yet we have done bugger all. Thanks to a nasty virus that is doing the rounds the 2 tiddlers have been coughing, spluttering and quite frankly been gross for nearly two weeks.

Luckily my eldest managed to escape for the worst of it, hitching a ride with his Auntie and Uncle to Cornwall to do a bit of surfing. To say I was jealous was an understatement!!

On the subject of my back….. I finally have a pre-operation date woohoo . I have to wait until the end of September for that. The Cortisone injection I had on the nerve earlier in the year has well and truly worn off and am now left with the constant pins and needles again . The concoction of Morphine, Tramadol , Diazepam and Naproxen helps to a degree but at its worst I may as well not bother. Early mornings are on the gender once again, having to get up because i cant lay comfortably in bed at night means the sofa is my new best friend. Thank you DFS for making good quality furniture!!

Being up before the mob does have its advantages, its so quiet and I get to catch up on shows that I cant watch through the day. Really enjoying I-Zombie at the moment which is a nice break from Dora and Blues Clues that seem to be on repeat.

Hopefully the boys will be OK so we can actually get them out and about next week. Milton Keynes has so much outdoor space and the local councils always arrange great activities to do which are free to attend and are great fun.

The Technology debate rumbles on……


At least once a month my eldest ends up on a full technology ban for being a cheeky scamp. My wife and I had agreed that we need to restrict the time he spends in front of a screen as it seems to be all he wants to do.

We seem to be continuously pushing for him to actually socialise with friends that live locally and all we get in return is a barrage of reasons why he cant .

Every conversation we have had lately gets referred back to video games in one way or another, whilst I try and show an interest in what Tyler is doing it saddens me to think that the majority of his life consists of sitting in his room.

Tyler actually went out and hung out with the other kids that play on the field down the end of the close and I had to go call him in as it was getting late. So that is proof right there that he is capable of socialising .

Growing up in Milton Keynes I found myself in a very privileged situation, living in a Cul-de-sac with loads of kids of all ages. It didn’t bother me if the younger kids wanted to play, we would play 40/40 in and run outs for hours. Bike rides exploring and finding new places was a personal favourite of mine.  Because Milton Keynes had a great mix of older estates and New developments there would always be somewhere new to check out.

My closest friend lived 6 doors away and we are still best buddies now (we were best men at each others weddings)

It makes me feel sad that my son will not have these experiences, you cant get this time back and to waste it in the manner he is.

So what to do, I understand that kids of today are different and technology plays a big part in their day to day lives but surely there should be more to life than that?

Would love to hear all your views, Its great to hear different opinions on a subject that will no doubt rumble on and on

Rainy days

So with another wet day on the cards in Milton Keynes the Great British Summer is staying true to form.

The eldest is still in bed (so is the wife) and the tiddlers are here slowly but surely wrecking the living room.

Due to my condition which is gradually worsening I am very limited to what I can do to entertain the nippers. Driving is out of the question today and getting down on the floor to play is ok, but getting up again…thats the tricky part.

We are always on the lookout for new and exciting rainy day projects, so if anyone has any ideas please share

Youngest is testing…..


After a quick chat with Louis’s teacher we have found that his irrational behavior is not just an “at home” exclusive .

We have experienced giggling highs followed by whinging and crying low’s within minutes of each other.

Trying to pin point the reasons behind these crazy mad swings is becoming a challenge in itself. Our youngest born is a feisty munchkin, very head strong and thinks he knows best.

I have had to stop  taking him out to the shops as it seems I am constantly having to call for him as he vanishes around yet another corner .  If I was a fit and healthy 36 year old I could keep up but chasing after him when your in pain is no fun at all!!

So how do I deal with this situation, we have a crazy 4 year old who constantly runs, does not listen when you tell him no but is super quick to apologize once the punishments come into play?